Looking for professional bond cleaning service in Melbourne? Bond Cleaners Australia is here to help. If you are vacating a rented apartment or house and moving the entire family and belongings to a new home, Bond Cleaners Australia will assist in making that transition smoother for you.
When moving out of a property you are normally required to have a professional bond clean, but choosing the right company to do it can be difficult. Every square meter of your property will be cleaned from top to toe ensuring you get your deposit back. We provide all the products involved in cleaning your place to the highest of standards.
Our smart and professional cleaning teams are hardworking, and know exactly what they are doing so you can just leave them to get on with it. Our bond cleaning department work to a strict cleaning list, ensuring everything is cleaned to perfection.

Our Bond Cleaning List:

KITCHEN: Oil, grease and spots removing, grill, range hood, cupboards, Sanitise bench tops, sink and splash back
FLOOR AND HALLWAY: Sweep/vacuum and mop
WARDROBES: Mirror and tracks, drawers, all the case dusting and wipe down
LAUNDRY: Dryer filter, clean wash trough, clean taps and handles, wipe down bench tops and mopping.
ALL ROOMS: Cobwebs removing, walls and doors spot cleaning (not full wash), door jams dusting, all skirting wipe down, windows and mirrors
TOILETS: Bowl cleaning, exhaust fan, doors spot cleaning.
BATHROOMS: Shower screen, basin/vanity, taps, dust exhaust fan, mirrors, tiles, light soap scum wipe down, bath, door and taps.
OVEN AND GRILL: Cook top/stove top detail, inside/out of microwave and oven.
FITTINGS: Clean light switches, door knobs, A/C dusting
WINDOWS: Windows inside wash, frames and tracks vacuumed
EXTRAS: Carpet steam cleaning, Full wall wash, External Windows, etc.

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